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Flight Crew Security Services appreciates the opportunity to meet with your operations staff to discuss your needs and our availability in order to better services you and your crew members. We are a full-service concierge private security facilitator for the airlines and their crew members. Whether the need is for full-service security or ground transportation, Flight Crew Security Services has been serving members of the airline industry, including national and international airlines, for over 30 years. Our specialty includes transportation cargo and assistance with all flight crew cargo services.

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Safety and Security are the Core of Our Company

Our commitment to safety is the core of our services. All drivers are monitored daily and must satisfy our regular safety standards. In addition, we only use top of the line new vehicles for our transportation of our most cherished flight crew members. From cargo pilot services to driving cargo pilots to the transport of cargo flight crews, we run the gamut on cargo transportation.

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Where Can You Find Us?



We are located near Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, Over our lifetime we have worked with numerous major cargo airline companies. Including but not limited to Cargolux Airlines, Nippon Cargo Airlines, China Cargo, Lufthansa Cargo among many others.